Social Media in the Covid-19 Era

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Social Media in the Covid-19 Era

Social Media in the Covid-19 Era

When you create a visual context, it’s important to learn the interests of your audience and its main peculiarities. That means you should know the age, nationality, gender, and some other characteristics to understand the needs of your community and your main users.

So let’s speak on the components that a visual context should include when you start to create it. We have distinguished the following ones:

  1. Photos related to the website’s purpose
  2. Storytelling through graphics elements
  3. Appealing icons
  4. Slogans, words and phrases
  5. Infographics
  6. Visual perception

Visual perception is a part of sensual appeal so it is more effective than a textual context when it comes to a website. Better user understanding brings quicker positive results, so you get more visitors, interested users and in the end – the loyal customers.

Visual context is important for making initial impression when your target visitors enter your website. If you run a business website, your branding will play the role of recognizable visual context. Icons, imagery, design, and other visually appealing elements create a first impression in a short period of time, just a few seconds are enough.

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